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CV - Angus Scully

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Director, Vancouver Island Military Museum,

Editor, Magazine and Newsletter of the Vancouver Island Military Museum.


 BA - Modern History, Trinity College, University of Toronto,

 B. Ed - History Specialist, University of Toronto,

 M. Ed - University of Toronto.

Work Experience

History Teacher - Peel Board of Education

History Department Head - Morning Star Secondary School

History Department Head - Brampton Centennial Secondary School



Angus Scully. "Enlisted Men's Lives in the RFC 1917-18."

Cross and Cockade. The Journal of the Great War Aviation History Society.  Summer 2023. Vol 54/2. Pages 133- 137.

Heritage House Publishing

Angus Scully. In Our Youth - The Lives, Adventures, and  Sacrifices of Early Canadian Flyers. Victoria, 2022. Heritage House.

Prentice Hall / Pearson Canada

The Canada Today Series

Each edition was a major re-write, for example the second edition had 60% new material. By the last edition only a few photos had survived from the first edition – 27 years later.


Daniel J. McDevitt, Angus L. Scully, Carl F. Smith. Canada Today. Scarborough, 1979. Prentice Hall. (Over 100, 000 copies sold, used in high schools in 9 provinces.)


Angus L. Scully, Carl F. Smith, Daniel J. McDevitt. Canada Today 2e. Scarborough, 1986. Prentice Hall. (Used in 9 provinces.)


Carl F. Smith, Daniel J. McDevitt, Angus L. Scully. Canada Today 3e. Scarborough, 1996. Prentice Hall. (Used in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario.)


Daniel J. McDevitt, Angus L. Scully, Patricia Harrison, Carl F. Smith. Canada in the Contemporary World. Scarborough, 2006. Pearson Education. (The 4e, with a new title for Manitoba.)


Other Prentice Hall/Pearson Publications

Angus Scully et al. Canada Through Time, Book One. Scarborough, 1992. Prentice Hall. (Used in grades 7 and 8 in Newfoundland, Maritimes, and Ontario.)


Angus Scully et al.  Canada Through Time, Book Two. Scarborough, 1993. Prentice Hall. (Used in Newfoundland, Maritimes, and Ontario.)


Angus Scully. High Technology: Canada in the Information Age. Scarborough, 1997. Prentice Hall. (Although other authors are listed on the cover of the book, they were just other authors in the series. Sole author status is stated in Canadian Cataloguing in Publication Data. Used in Ontario high schools.)


Colin Bain, Dennis DesRivieres, Peter Flaherty, Donna Goodman, Elma Schemenauer, Angus L. Scully. Making History. Scarborough, 2000. Prentice Hall. (Used in Ontario high schools.)


Penguin Books Canada

Pierre Landry, Jack MacFadden, Angus Scully. Juno Beach: Canada in World War II. Toronto, 2003. Penguin Canada. (Released as a trade book, Canada wide.)​

Oxford University Press Canada

Angus Scully. Culture Quest: Exploring World Cultures. Don Mills, 2006. Oxford University Press Canada. (For Newfoundland and the Maritime provinces, grade 6.)


Daniel Francis, Angus Scully, Jill Germain. Voices and Visions: A Story of Canada. Don Mills, 2006. Oxford University Press Canada. (Alberta high schools.)

McGraw- Hill Ryerson/Nelson

Robert Gardner, Margaret Hoogeveen, Daniel McDevitt, Angus Scully. Exploring Nationalism. Whitby, 2008. McGraw-Hill Ryerson. (Alberta high schools.)

Other Publications

Angus Scully ed. Malton Memories: Pioneers to Airport. Mississauga,1981.  Trinity United Church. (It has a life online and has been pirated several times.)


Angus Scully. “Gallant Men: The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada in the Rhineland, 1945.” WWII History, July 2007.  Herndon VA, 2007. Sovereign Media.


Angus Scully. “Searching for Aubrey – The story of a war hero and the boat that bore his name.”  Ottertooth.

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